Helpful Hints for a Happy Stay at Timber Trails

Call (269) 423-7311 • Open May 1st through September 30
Check-in Time is 3:00 pm, Check out Time is 2:00 pm

Quiet Time: Midnight to 8:00 am
Car Passes: Daily and visitors that are here on a temporary basis will have a car pass and must be registered at the office.
Bath House: Small children must be supervised at all times when using restroom facilities.. Use designated restrooms when you have wet suits at the beach.  Please do not sit on sink counters.  Help keep restrooms neat and clean.  Please notify office of any problems. (plugged toilets, etc.).  Pay showers (25 cents / 7.5 minutes).
Beach: NO LIFE GUARD ON DUTY.... Swimming is at your own risk. Small children are not allowed on beach without a parent... (use life jackets)
Tents: We no longer allow TENTS!
Pets We DO ALLOW PETS on Non-Holiday Weekends! Must walk pets in designated areas and please no barkers. NO PETS on Holiday Weekends!
Game Room: No FOOD or DRINKS in game room. Must be 12 years old to play pool unless your with a parent.  Sign out sticks and balls at office.
Garbage Please plastic bag all garbage and place in dumpsters, not in front of dumpster.  (NO tires, bikes, broken lawn chairs, etc..) we are not responsible for it.
Laundry Please remove laundry promptly, as others may be waiting.  Washer time is 30 minues / $1.50 and Dryer time is 53 minutes / $1.50.  Clean out lint filter when finished drying.  (laundry products sold at office)  Do not remove laundry carts from laundry room.
Parking ONE vehicle per site.  If you are expecting visitors, please park in the visitors parking area only, not on other sites.
Boat Parking Boat parking in designated area only.
Phone Messages Only emergency phone messages will be delivered.  All others will be posted on message board in front of office.
Propane Stop at office to pay and receive a receipt and place receipt to tank and place tank at fill station.  Please mark your tanks with name or site number.  Tanks are only filled at 1pm daily.